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Our Youth BJJ and MMA program is designed to help kids deal with todays threat bullying at school as well as to be an active competitor in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu if they so choose. These classes are intended for boys and girls 6-12 yrs. Our instructors guide them in proper mental focus, technique and conditioning.

Our young students are taught all aspects of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, MMA and self-defense including: Striking, Submissions, Judo, Wrestling, and basic striking as well as standing escapes.

Students train with each other in a safe manner so they get used to training with kids of all ages, sizes and experience. This helps your child to learn to adapt to all challenges. Our classes are highly supervised by a Black belt instructor. All assistant instructors are a rank of blue belt or higher. Classes have a minimum of 2-5 instructors so each child gets extra attention and has excellent supervision for safety.

Your child will have to earn their rank and in doing so will grow not only as a Martial Artist but also on a personal level as well. All students are ranked based on the following criteria:

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